Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dollores - Orphan

01. Your You
02. Bondage
03. Птицей уставшей
04. Orphan
05. I'm Coming Home

I love hearing secrets. I love when the secrets come in forms of honest-to-goodness beautifully written music from countries I know about only from watching World War II documentaries on the history channel. Case in point, Dollores from Ukraine. In a 5 song EP named Orphan, this group manages to achieve a fervent, yet controlled sound that many bands in this genre practice for years to achieve. Coupling impassioned female vocals in the vein of Suffix with occasional male vocals and guitar work that would make even the most world-weary skramz kid weep, Dollores brings yet another unique take to a genre that is so often filled with disingenuous emotion and tired, overdone riffs that are almost always a rip-off of some other well-known band. My favorite song off of this album is Птицей уставшей (Ptitsyeĭ ustavshyeĭ), which roughly translated from Russian means "Tired Bird". While I don’t understand the lyrics, the emotion present in this song is impossible to mistake. I dare say my heart skipped two beats and I got shivers when I first heard it. This album deserves a 4.5 out 5, if only because I feel the album is too short for my tastes, but it’s a good first effort from a group I hope to hear more from. Regardless of the album’s brevity, it’s definitely worth a download.

Reviewed by Natasha.

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  1. Only god knows how i love her

  2. There is no god, you silly little boy. And she done give a shit about you, so go fap and cry. fap and cry.....

  3. "Forget-me-not, I thought,
    It turned out to be a weed.
    To walk against the wind
    I got tired, got tired.

    As dropped behind from a flock,
    Lonely as bird tired.
    Endlessly, without the beginning
    I'm going looking.

    To walk against the wind
    I got tired, got tired."

    The major issue is with the translation of "bird tired" or "tired bird" as it should be kind of passive. Maybe somebody will suggest a better translation for this line as well for the song name itself.

  4. Thank you for the translated lyrics!

  5. I could not resist to share the video from the recent gig: