Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maths - MMVII

01. 2346
02. II
03. IV
04. This Is Forever (Demo)
05. A Well Documented Case Of Severe Autism (Jerome's Dream Cover)
06. And We Have Killed
07. How Shall We Comfort Ourselves
08. Murderers Of All Murderers
09. Of All That The World Has Yet Owned
10. What Sacred Games Shall We Have To Invent
11. Must We Outselves Not Become Gods Simply To Appear Worthy Of It
12. And We Have Killed (Acoustic Version)
13. Breathe As If It Were A Story (Ambient Mix)
14. Live Show 9/11/07 (Recorded Queen Charlotte, Norwich)

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  1. Maths are excellent. One of the few examples of quality screamo music from the UK. I was at the show that photo was taken at, they tore the place apart (a vintage clothes store in London). Pick up the recent split they put out with another great UK hardcore band, Throats, released on the fabulous Holy Roar Records.

  2. I had the pleasure of playing alongside these guys recently and my band recorded through their drummer, Alfs.
    Mind blowing band.
    Live, they are unmatchable in this part of the country. Such power, authority and tight as anything.

    Definatly check out their split with Throats.