Thursday, June 9, 2016

Heart On My Sleeve - In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness

01. This Failure Is Not On Me
02. So I Ran With Scissors
03. Vicious Circles
04. What Doesn't Kill You (Will Damage You)
05. He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
06. A Tale Of Two Hearts
07. In The Beauty Of It All
08. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
09. I Hate It When You're Here, But I Miss You When You're Gone

You know that feeling of "goosebumps" when maybe you get a cold chill or something really serious makes you feel a certain way? Well, that's how this album by Heart On My Sleeve makes me feel. Being an artist featured on the site before, I'll just get straight to the point. At certain times you think the album is about ghosts lingering because it's someone close to you that's passed away like the song "I Hate It When You Are Here, But I Miss You When You're Gone". Sometimes, it's a feeling of just missing someone and it hurting like hell, but almost in an ugly-sad kind of way, like "This Failure Is Not On Me". Sometimes, it's your own battles you are battling with yourself, like "So I Ran With Scissors". They feature an artist from the band VI SOM ALSKADE VARANDRA SA MYCKET in the song "A Tale Of Two Hearts" who are also from Sweden. The song is almost like two lovers telling the same story but hearing it from each other's own voice; especially since the band has a female fronted vocalist featuring a male vocalist. So real... The album is the perfect amount of spoken word, the perfect amount of emotion, the perfect amount of fast to slow, and everything inbetween. It's almost like a book, when the album ends, it's like a chapter in life has ended and you are left with this feeling that nothing matters but you always hope for more. It's an album that I will carry for a long time and in my opinion, some of the best work that Heart On My Sleeve has done.

Reviewed by Joshua.

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