Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As We Draw - Mirages

01. The Window
02. Losing Ground
03. Blackout
04. Blackmail
05. Fata Morgana
06. Denial
07. Acceptance
08. Fata Bromosa
09. Panic
10. Shipwreck
11. Limbo

This astonishing French 3 piece has produce some of the most intriguing and exciting post-hardcore I've ever heard. Period. It is at times bleak and dark, other times expertly crafted progressive/post-metal and everything in between. The range and diversity of the band is something that keeps you guessing/interested/ dizzy all the way through. Recommended for fans of Botch, Isis, Envy, Poison The Well. It's not mathy or chaotic in the sense that a lot of bands execute high end guitar trickery and crazy drumming. It's more through the subtly of arrangements, build ups, off time signatures, rhythms and breaks that the whole album shines as an epic and progressive album for the genre. Vocals are powerful, screamed and yelled in force and sometimes distantly... it's all very dramatic and adds to the impact! Brief instrumental-interludes appear in between tracks throughout the album serving as a break in between onslaughts but there's so much space (musically speaking) between what each instrument does that if you don't watch the screen or needle you would be challenged to tell if it's still one track or another. I have practically studied their incredible debut 'Lines Breaking Circles' which dropped way way back in 2010. That beast is still worth checking out but this is superior work. Everything is huge, the production is great and they've never sounded better. Bravo. The label offers a free download while we wait for the vinyl to ship. I expect that will be the definitive way to consume this. Album of the year contender.

Reviewed by Sean.

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