Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mans. - Tape 2013

01. Scratchy
02. This Is My Prime Time

In 2008 there was the Lion Of The North split and then there was silence. However it looks like 5 years later Mans. have reformed through bringing out a new two song tape called simply 'Tape 2013'. This new entry to the Mans. discography has come out of nowhere, I would still be none the wiser of it's existence if it wasn't for my bandcamp subscription to Kid Sister's page which I'll now say I'm very glad I'd signed up for because these two tracks are absolutely class! Packed with catchy melodies with powerful shrieks it's the Mans. we all know and love with a little twist. The first track, 'Scratchy' is exactly what it says on the tin. The start of this perfectly crafted song starts with an almost The Fall Of Troy esque with a weird tinge of Maroon 5 "scratchy" riff which is then marked by Mans. with that full and thick bass tone and a wobbly guitar tone as we've seen used previously by guitarist Mark Perez. This riff suddenly changes into a fast screamo track with yelped vocals and quickly fingered guitar licks, then accompanied by harsh screams. Now if there's something I'm a sucker for it's a crazy vocal line over lo-fi screamo and Mans. totally deliver with that over a super groovy beat from the drums to make a comfortable break from the beautiful assault of passionate screams. I feel like the rest of this song puts me into a weird half trance, but I've always thought that with Mans. so that's the kind of thing that makes me feel like they're back. The next song is called 'This Is My Prime Time' and I really hope that name is a hint that this band want to come back and stronger than before. US screamo has been lacking for me a little at the minute so if they are planning this then I shall be thoroughly please. Anyway! Onto the song, it's packed full of cool, catchy melodies and build ups, that wonderful signature guitar effect and a weird Wavves/Chalk Talk type falsetto part. I can’t wait to see what this band does next. Download the two tracks for $1 from Kid Everything. It's totally worth it.

Reviewed by Steven.

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