Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lord Snow - Solitude

01. Selfish Sleep
02. Dark Cloud
03. She's Clearly Made The Most Of It
04. Stormcloak
05. Yellow Amarillo / Booker Dewitt
06. Corpse Pose
07. Incorrective Unconsciousness
08. Shere Khan
09. Solitude
10. Bb
11. The Background Static Of Perpetual Discontent

'Solitude' is the new album from Chicago's Lord Snow, and if you are already aware of this band, then this record will not disappoint. Fans of the band's earlier work will revel in the noisy, heavy, chaotic songcraft presented on 'Solitude'. Distorted riffs weave and tangle around solid, distorted basslines. The drumming really shines here, plodding through heavy slow parts before careening back into lightning tempos. Most of these songs are short and blow by so quickly that you're repeating the album before you even realize. Screamo is still very much alive and well, and Lord Snow are living proof.

Reviewed by Justin.

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