Monday, September 16, 2013

FlowersxOfxCarnage - FlowersxOfxCarnage Demo

01. Prototype
02. Dead End
03. Fail-Safe
04. Engine
05. Hack/Slash

The bandcamp page for this demo describes this band simply as "far East emo-violence", which is a perfect summation of this first demo. I will say right out of the gate that there is nothing wildly original about this group of songs, but it's a demo, and the potential for this band is definitely here. The style of screamo the group plays definitely pays homage to the big names (Pg. 99 being an obvious influence), but they do it well. These songs are tight, fast, and intense, which is all this style needs to be, really. The songs here are punctuated by frequent samples which break up the songs and create a cool pacing for the demo. This is a cool group of songs, and I look forward to seeing how the band evolves moving forward.

Reviewed by Justin.

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