Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sed Non Satiata - Mappō

01. Extrospection
02. Sehnsucht
03. San Andrea
04. Ghost
05. Entropia
06. Nemesis
07. Vague à l'âme
08. Soma

Here, finally, is the long awaited new Sed Non Satiata full length. I'm going to take a little liberty here and assume that most of you have already heard the wonderful self titled record, but if you haven't, maybe you should go and remedy that before diving into this one, if only for a sense of context. As soon as 'Extrospection' kicks in it's easy to notice an improvement in recording quality, which in my view can only help the band. Sed Non Satiata's intensely emotional heavy passages and sprawling instrumentals now hit slightly harder and with more clarity, revealing the underlying layers that pack these songs. Stylistically, fans of the band will not be disappointed by this record. The core elements that have defined their sound still remain - strained vocals, atmospheric guitar leads, and crushing tempos. With this record, however, the band seems to have renewed their focus, and rather than sprawling the way they used to, each part is slightly more condensed and serves its purpose effectively before overstaying its welcome. The switches in tempos and intensity are handled deftly, creating an intricate soundscape that flows with wonderful peaks and valleys. Songs like “Nemesis” assault the listener with intensity right from the start, while slow burners like closer 'Soma' showcase the bands ability to show restraint while simultaneously building intensity, recalling quieter moments from screamo legends Envy. Whether you're coming from their back catalogue or are a new listener, there is much to be appreciated in 'Mappō'. The band has taken their penchant for intense, crushing passages and drawn out instrumental meditations and condensed it into a more immediately listenable form, distilling the best possible version of themselves and recording it.

Reviewed by Justin.

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