Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cerce - Stresscase Split

01. Cerce - Damaged Goods
02. Cerce - Intrusions
03. Cerce - Blossom
04. Stresscase - Lonely Leech
05. Stresscase - In Her Eyes
06. Stresscase - Instrumental
07. Stresscase - Shallow Gasps

I'm not sure if this is the correct side order, but Stresscase’s side of this split is what opened first in my browser, so it will be the side that I tackle first. I went into this split unfamiliar with the band, and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. The opening track 'Lonely Leech' begins with noisy midtempo chords, but doesn't rest long before blazing into the breakneck verse part. The vocals are screamed, but blend well and don't stand out as being either shrieky or "tough guy", which is great in my book. I think if I had to draw a top of my head comparison, I would lazily draw comparison to Outbreak, but with a darker, slightly less straightforward feel. The band shifts expertly between punishing slower parts and breakneck speed, and this quick split is a pleasant listen. The Cerce side of this split is over so quickly (three songs in under four minutes) that I often found myself clicking play again. The band manages to perfectly mix crazy fast raging with grimy, thick, plodding slower parts. The vocals are varied and well executed, shifting effortlessly from screams, to high wails, to almost spoken sections. The amount of parts and technical proficiency the band fits into a one minute song is impressive, and definitely stands out among other fast hardcore bands.

Reviewed by Justin.

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