Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adobe Homes - Innards Split

01. Adobe Homes - You're More Like A Sunflower Than A Rose
02. Innards - College House
03. Innards - Construction

Adobe Homes open this split wonderfully, with a nimble riff that doesn’t quite prepare you for the intensity that immediately follows the intro. Like on their previous material the vocals are shrieked and sound pained, especially when paired with quieter, more melodic sections in this song. The guitars aren't content to simply chug on chords here, and the quick riffing creates a fitting backdrop for the vocalist. This track easily keeps one's interest, jumping between tempos and moods, and is a great introduction for those who aren't already familiar with the band's brand of screamo. Innards offer up two quick songs for this split - neither breaks the one minute mark. Like their split mates in Adobe Homes, the guitars here are interesting and frantic. When not playing chords, they arpeggiate chords and throw in quick riffs with deft skill. Vocals are screamed, and 'College House' opens with a quick vocal back and forth. These songs aren't long enough to linger on one particular part for too long, and 'Construction' jumps from a brisk punk beat to a more mid tempo melodic passage in the blink of an eye.

Reviewed by Justin.

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