Saturday, March 9, 2013

Un Viejo Arcoiris - Es Mejor

01. Y Las Promesas, ¿Dónde Están?
02. Ya Fue Todo
03. Baile De Promoción
04. Es Mejor
05. Lo Hice Sin Pensarlo

This EP from Lima, Peru's Un Viejo Arcoiris may be short, but it certainly is sweet. The introductory instrumental sets up the mood for the remaining four tracks, and most of them are a pretty fast blend of screamo, hardcore, and emo influences. 'Ya Fue Todo' is a ripper, and just as you get comfortable it's 49 second blast comes to an end. The remaining songs are a bit longer, though the introduction is the only song to push the two minute mark. This isn't mindblowingly original, but the songs are played with passion and energy. The guitars largely stay clean or just barely overdriven, allowing the intensity to come primarily from the heavy drums and the frantically screamed vocals. I like that they implement a galloping punk beat usually eschewed by other bands of this genre. At under ten minutes, this EP is definitely worth a curious listen.

Reviewed by Justin.

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