Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Black Love Split

01. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Coyotes
02. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Music Cowboys
03. Black Love - The Appalachian
04. Black Love - Motorboats And Waterfalls

The A side of this cool split brings us more of what we've come to expect from Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch, but I definitely mean that in a positive way. The band rips through their two songs with energy, precision, and passionate vocals. The guitar tones on 'Music Cowboys' are a highlight for me. Both of these songs contain the band's take on screamo/post-hardcore/emo, which is not blisteringly fast or super chaotic, but is intense nonetheless. The vocals are mixed low, which suit this style, and the emphasis is on the chunky guitars. The Black Love songs on this split chug along at a slower pace, leaving room for the band's melodic vocal approach. 'The Appalachian' picks up to a mid-tempo pace about halfway through and closes strong with a buzzing lead guitar line. 'Motorboats And Waterfalls' might be my favorite song of the split. It has a more punk feel, and again the throaty melodies take center stage over the chunky and melodic guitar progressions. This is a cool introduction for anyone unfamiliar with either band.

Reviewed by Justin.

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