Friday, March 15, 2013

Capacities - There Is No Neutral

01. Personhood In The 21st Century
02. Tacenda
03. Academic Flexing
04. Through The Mill
05. Narrow Hallways / Trapped Doors
06. God to the Flatlanders
07. A Young Woman Against The Taliban
08. Home For The Holidays
09. Sons Of A Silent Age

Urgent and frantic, Capacities create a screamo record that packs the complicated, multi-layered instrumentation of post-hardcore into direct, sixty-second hardcore songs, that slam and throttle their own instruments. 'There Is No Neutral' is full of (dis)harmonies, using multiple chaotic, noisy riffs ('Home For The Holidays'), runs, and guitar playing - with tight spaces left for sudden stops, silences, and fantastic bass solos. The music is ultimately frayed, made of thousands of loose threads, but the punk songwriting ruthlessly stiches it together, to great effect. Even the exception to the rule, the freer, looser seven-minute instrumental 'Sons Of A Silent Age', fuses all melodies and harmonies into a single rhythm by the last few seconds. It culminates beautifully into chaos and frustration, emotions that the vocals push even further. It's an excellent second LP, and one I certainly hope Capacities is proud of.

Reviewed by Beth.

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