Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ruined Families - Blank Language

01. Only Need Is Real
02. To New Parents
03. 208
04. Easy Livin'
05. Human Fence
06. Nature's Worst
07. Definition In Paradox
08. Books As Weapons
09. Pedestal

If you're not familiar with Ruined Families, they're a hardcore/punk band from Athens, Greece that's been around for a couple of years and have already released 2 LPs and a 7". They have stated in the past a lot of different influences in their sound than other bands of the same genre such as several post-punk bands; and with that being said one can totally recognize some riffs that are usually unlikely to find in that genre. Their lyrics are mostly about self-hate and doing the same thing over and over again without actually changing anything. 'Blank Language' is definitely their best work by now, every track seems to be well connected with the others and their lyrics are less poetic and more realistic than ever. There are also some early screamo elements, mostly on the really passionate way the lead singer chooses to express himself. 'Blank Language' is one of the best releases I've heard this year and it's highly recommended to everyone who’s into chaotic hardcore or emo violence.

Reviewed by Thanos.

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