Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stairwell Sea - Apothegm

01. These Mountains
02. Weighed In Gold
03. Interjection
04. High Life
05. Sunspots
06. The Fox And The Stork

There are a lot of influences mixed into this record. At first consideration that might seem overwhelming or indecisive, but Stairwell Sea has crafted an EP that, while maybe not breaking incredibly new ground, combines a myriad of influences in a creative and interesting way. Opener 'These Mountains' starts with a doomy metal riff complete with double bass drum before the passionate vocals (not totally unlike Birds In Row) come in and the guitars turn ambient. Crusty hardcore has a tendency to get a little repetitive in my opinion, but the addition of post-rock influenced guitar work and vocals that defy the metallic expectation keep this release interesting. The instrumental 'Interjection' creates a good sense of dynamic in the record, taking a break from the intensity to deliver a guitar only track, and the group vocals at the end of 'The Fox And The Stork' are a perfect end to this short but powerful EP.

Reviewed by Justin.

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