Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saló - Procne

01. Fidelio
02. You've Been Here Before
03. I've Found Your Eyes
04. Three Beggars
05. This Is The Girl
06. In The Sea Of Teeth
07. Malastrana
08. Plateau Of Leng
09. Gabriel Fades

'Procne', in its title alone, references a Greek myth that includes the following: abduction, rape, severed tongues, severed heads, and various forms of bloodthirsty revenge. It’s unsurprising, then, that Saló's second EP, is equally brutal and frantic, in not only the violent lyrics, but the music. The Glaswegian post-hardcore group take not only from literary greats like Kafka and Ovid, but from post-hardcore and noise rock of the old school to create a menacing set of work. Songs vary from focused and bass-led with a touch of noisy guitar, which could easily be mistaken as written in the 90's (You've Been Here Before), but also some slower, often instrumental, more experimental work which allow distorted notes to cascade over each other and the clever drum work (Fidelio, Plateau Of Leng). Also notably different is the use of three vocalists, which allow the vocals to switch suddenly from screams to yelps to whispers, and in vocal heavy-tracks, allow them to build a together a shaking voice in everything but morbidity. A quality post-hardcore EP, that starts and ends with frenzy and blood.

Reviewed by Beth.

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