Thursday, January 3, 2013

All The Hours You Wait - Patience

01. Whitewater
02. Paltra
03. Wraith
04. Goodluck Jonathan

This band came recommended to me by Adam, I automatically knew I was in for something special because Adam always posts great bands I might overlook as is the case with All The Hours You Wait. All The Hours You Wait is a three piece post-hardcore/screamo band from New Jersey who formed in October of 2012. Patience is the band's debut four song EP which was recorded and self-released by the band on December, 28th 2012. Musically, All The Hours You Wait play a tense, jangly, and discordant style of post-hardcore and screamo. All The Hours you wait loosely fits in with other like minded bands such as Laurtec, Sinaloa, Calculator, and John Corta. I use the term loosely because All The Hours You Wait has a sound that is completely their own and 'Patience' stands alone on its own merit without having to resort to the sounds like so-and-so crutch I often use when trying to describe a band's sound. Overall, 'Patience' makes for a great listen. Highly recommended! Thanks for the heads up, Adam!

Reviewed by Chris.

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