Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gifts - Winter

01. In My Grasp
02. Wring Me Out
03. Keep You From Everything

Gifts are an emo trio from New Jersey who first appeared online almost a year ago with this EP. In an age where punk and emo bands are overly fond of writing very short songs (Joyce Manor, Best Practices to name a few) these guys have crafted 3 tunes that clock in at over 5 minutes each, and if you like twinkly emo in the vein of Bag Of Bones, You Blew It! and American Football then you won't think that's a bad thing at all. These songs sound like they were recorded in a bedroom, all guitars and vocals with no drums and for me that percussive drive is what's missing. These guys offer up earnest, heartfelt emo that's perfect for listening to in headphones but I worry it would be slightly forgettable over the course of a full-length record or in a live setting. The standout track here is 'Wring Me Out' with it's vocal refrain of "please, believe in me" repeated against a beautiful guitar riff... on the strength of this EP, these guys are worth believing in and I look forward to seeing were they take things on their next release.

Reviewed by Gary.

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