Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To

01. 359 Pine
02. Resonance
03. Winter '11
04. Six Years

For those who only became aware of Old Gray via this year's wonderful LP 'An Autobiography', the recent repressing of 'Everything I Let Go and the Things I Refuse To' serves as a convenient and pleasant addition to the band’s discography. Having been released before the full length, this EP foreshadows what we could come to expect. All the key elements that make Old Gray great are here: dramatic spoken word sections placed on top of reverb soaked clean guitar, impassioned screams over heavy driving passages, and a sincere honesty permeating the entire release. The minimal instrumentation and spoken word of '359 Pine' serves as a good introduction to this short collection of songs, leading directly into the screams and heavy drums of 'Resonance'. When the record is flipped over, 'Winter '11' continues the intensity at first before breaking down to a single guitar. This serves as a wonderful short introduction to the band for those unaware, and is a great companion piece to 'An Autobiography'.

Reviewed by Justin.

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