Monday, July 9, 2012

Wisdom Teeth - Milkshakes Split

01. Wisdom Teeth - A Pond. Not A Lake
02. Wisdom Teeth - Swans Don't Feel The Hurt
03. Wisdom Teeth - My Name's Not Patrick
04. Milkshakes - Kalabar's Revenge
05. Milkshakes - Sally Tumbles
06. Milkshakes - Joey Fitness

Here is the new split between Wisdom Teeth, a three-piece emo/pop punk band from Birmingham, Alabama, US and Milkshakes, a four-piece emo/punk band from Glastonbury, Connecticut, US. My favourite song from the split called 'My Name's Not Patrick', you can listen to it below. Enjoyable stuff, check it out! The split will be released on tape soon by It's A Trap! Records.

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