Monday, July 30, 2012

Sport - Colors

01. Barcelona, 1992
02. Helsinki, 1952
03. Lake Placid, 1932
04. Saint Moritz, 1928
05. Melbourne, 1956
06. Sydney, 2000
07. Paris, 1900
08. Paris, 1924
09. Lillehammer, 1994
10. Saint Louis, 1904
11. Annecy, 2018
12. Sarajevo, 1984
13. Montreal, 1976

Sport is a four-piece indie/emo/punk band from Lyon, France, and 'Colors' is their first full-length, which contains 13 new, really catchy songs. My favourite from this record is the second track called 'Helsinki, 1952', I love this song, you should listen to it below. 'Colors' will be released on 12" in September.

Reviewed by Adam.

This band literally came out of nowhere to me. I can't remember where I first saw them but I was waiting for them to release their full-length. Their last years' demo was surprisingly good. Sport is an indie punk/emo band from Lyon, France, highly influenced from these late '00s - early '10s emo bands we all dig. They're opening for Latterman later this year, so yeah, they're definitely worth your attention.

Reviewed by Thanos.

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  1. Sounds exactly like the vocalist from "Mane Horse"

  2. love the music! I'm so lucky i ran into this band