Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Adaje - Yore Veils

01. Slithering Snakes On These Slandering Mountains
02. An Avalanche Of Broncos
03. Pending
04. KWP
05. Seppuku
06. To Become Corroded, Guided By The Light
07. Harrowing Sounds From The Ravine

To be honest, I heard Adaje's older material and wasn't really all that impressed at what I heard. That all changed after listening to the band's latest LP entitled Yore Veils. Adaje is a band from Memphis, TN who formed in 2010. Prior to this release, Adaje released a split 7" with Lizards Have Personalities in January 2012, a split cassette with Shark Bait in 2010, a twelve song album entitled Drone Empire in June 2010, and a split CD with Close To Me in February 2010. On Yore Veils (Yore is a scottish word meaning times past lived), Adaje have grown tremendously since their earlier recordings. I began seeing the band really start to develop musically on their split with Lizards Have Personalities, and Yore Veils absolutely blows that release out of the water. Musically, Adaje draw influence from a variet of sources including The Saddest Landscape, Off Minor, the volatility of bands such as Orchid, to newer bands such as We Were Skeletons, and Beau Navire. Adding to the band's sound, Adaje add touches of atmospherics, which really rounds out the sound on this album. Overall, Adaje have created an album that makes for an epic and intense listen. Yore Veils is currently available on cassette via Broken World Media. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Chris.

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  1. lhp splitből tudtam már hogy geci jó lesz ez a lemez