Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daniel Striped Tiger - No Difference

01. Ancient Future
02. Rendezvous
03. Latchkey
04. Wait Outside
05. Room In The Dark
06. No Reverse
07. Miss A Go
08. Traceroute
09. Off White
10. Instruction Piece
11. Goldwood

Here's the latest LP from Boston, MA area based Daniel Striped Tiger. Wow, 11 tracks of angular, discordant off-kilter emotive hardcore with a definite DC slant going on. With No Difference, Daniel Striped Tiger definitely flex their muscles and keep things energetic, yet proficient. The 11 songs on No Difference are Daniel Striped Tiger's strongest material to date and pick up where they left off on 2010's split 7" with Teenage Cool Kids. Fans of Off Minor, older My Disco, Loma Prieta, Logs and 90's ebullition style emotive hardcore need to check out No Difference. One of the best albums from 2011.

Reviewed by Chris.

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