Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cloud Mouth - Keep Well

01. Walker
02. Scratched In The Table
03. Slow Eyes
04. Quiet

I'm a huge Cloud Mouth fan and I'm bummed to find out that the band is breaking up. Fortunately, Cloud Mouth has left us with this four song 10" that showcases the band at their peak. Cloud Mouth has added hints of melody and grunge to their music, which really rounds out the band's sound and adds depth to the band's spectrum as well. Cloud Mouth has evolved with their sound and the band reminds me of bands such as Haram, Versoma and Gods And Queens on their latest 10". The band continues to retain their grittiness and this gives nods to the style of music played by bands such as The Catalyst and Capsule. It's too bad Cloud Mouth is calling it quits because Keep Well is the band's best material to date. Highly recommended! Enjoy!

Reviewed by Chris.

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