Saturday, August 16, 2008

La Quiete - Louise Cyphre Split

01. La Quiete - Fai Finta Di Non Girarti
02. La Quiete - Cosmonauta Garin, Non Voltarti Indietro
03. La Quiete - Tutto Lasciato A Metà
04. La Quiete - Al Citofono Era Anthony Hopkins
05. Louise Cyphre - Revolver A.K.A. Schall And Rauch
06. Louise Cyphre - For Those About To Destroy Pigs
07. Louise Cyphre - In the End... Everyone Dies Alone
08. Louise Cyphre - Your Punkrock, Our Friendship
09. Louise Cyphre - Outro

[ download ]


  1. it's "fai finta di non giraRti".

    anyway, this blog is amazing (:


  2. thank you for this!

    and if you want to review/put up my bands album for download, that would be great

    id say we're a melodic and spastic version of the old school screamo style

  3. your cd skips. greeeat job.